The Irish European

Client: Reading Museum & University of Reading (2006)

Design work for this exhibition about the life and work of Irish playwright Samuel Beckett comprised an exhibition poster, events programme, and private view invitation cards, as well as gallery panels, wall lettering, and object labels.

A hierarchy of information caters for different audiences and provides multiple access points to the exhibition :

  • punchy introductory quotations to set the scene for Beckett’s life at the time
  • strong chronological headings to structure the space and guide visitors through the exhibition, followed by limited introductory text and illustrations
  • more extensive text panels which deliberately gave more in-depth information and allowed for more sustained reading
  • object labels with levels of information as appropriate to the objects.

I worked very closely with 3D designer Martin Andrews to ensure the text was integrated in a thearical and visually exciting way. This was particularly so with large panels with carefully selected quotations from Beckett’s plays which became an integral part of the stage reconstruction on a central scaffolding structure.