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Pomegranate cheeks

Poster & flyer design for Reading Bach Choir concert ‘Arise My Love: Music from The Song of Songs’ (2016)

‘Your cheeks are like halves of a pomegranate behind your veil’—Song of Solomon 4:3

rbc_arise_my_loveChallenging but fun: promoting a concert of music based on some of the most vividly sensuous and erotic poetry ever written.

Many composers over the centuries have been inspired by the Song of Solomon in the Old Testament to set the words to music, but not many artists have depicted it.

My brief: ‘Could we try something along the lines of: Middle East – grapes – pomegranates – deer – vineyards?’

Client: Reading Bach Choir (2016)

Shhhhh… Shakespeare!

Poster & flyer design for Reading Bach Choir concert ‘Shakespeare & Co.: Settings of Shakespeare songs and music by his contemporaries’ (2016)

rbc_shakespeareWhat did William Shakespeare look like?

Chances are you’re now thinking of the Chandos Portrait in the National Gallery, or the engraving by Martin Droeshut which was inspired by it and adorns the First Folio.

I wanted to see how much these well-known images could be distilled and what would remain as the most essential of features.

It turns out: pose, hair, collar, moustache.

Client: Reading Bach Choir (2016)