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Keble College signage

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University of Oxford Keble College commissioned me to design a wayfinding system to direct external visitors around the site during their Easter and Summer conferences.

The design needed to be sensitive to Butterfield’s polychromatic brickwork architecture, the buildings’ Grade II listed status, take into account existing fittings and fixtures – and, not least of all, the fact that to most of its students, Keble College is home.

Working with custom signmakers The Signworks, I designed a modular signage system consisting of a wall-mounted back plate and a face place that dovetails on it. Rubbings of the brickwork taken at each sign location provided templates for custom-located fittings to align with the brick courses.

The signs were spray-painted in a dark grey to match existing metalwork on the grounds. The signs are easy to take down at the end of the conference season – but secure enough to discourage the casual thief or trophy-hunter when in use. When the signs are removed, holes and wall plugs are covered with caps painted to match the brick joints.