Shhhhh… Shakespeare!

Poster & flyer design for Reading Bach Choir concert ‘Shakespeare & Co.: Settings of Shakespeare songs and music by his contemporaries’ (2016)

rbc_shakespeareWhat did William Shakespeare look like?

Chances are you’re now thinking of the Chandos Portrait in the National Gallery, or the engraving by Martin Droeshut which was inspired by it and adorns the First Folio.

I wanted to see how much these well-known images could be distilled and what would remain as the most essential of features.

It turns out: pose, hair, collar, moustache.

Client: Reading Bach Choir (2016)

Cover Birds

Cover Birds. Robert Gillmor (2013)
Client: Two Rivers Press, 2013

Messrs. Dash & Dare is delighted to be working again with internationally acclaimed wildlife artist Robert Gillmor for Two Rivers Press.

Gillmor was already a keen bird-watcher at the age of 11 when the Reading Ornithological Club (launched in 1947) invited him to join them as a visitor; at 13 he was elected as their first junior member.  He was also learning the art of lino-cutting at Leighton Park School, and the Club’s 1949 annual report bore his linocut of a Canada Goose on its first printed cover. Over sixty years on he is still producing his wonderful representations of birds for the covers, particularly the more interesting sightings of each year. This book is the story of his formative bird-watching and print-making years. Illustrated with the images from the covers themselves, it is a beguiling account of the development of both artist and bird-lover.