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Rocking Reading

When Reading Really Rocked: The Live Music Scene in Reading 1966–1976, by Adrian Moulton, Mike Warth and Austin Matthews
Client: Two Rivers Press (2020)

When Reading Really Rocked relives the decade when Reading’s music scene turned itself up to 11 and really started to rock. A hugely well-informed and entertaining account of live music between 1966 and 1976, from the emergence of psychedelia to the dawn of punk, it covers the early years of the Reading Festival, lost and much-missed venues, local heroes and year by year accounts of the bands and musicians that played in Reading.

Influential Women

Reading’s Influential Women, by Terry Dixon & Linda Saul
Client: Two Rivers Press (2020)

This wide-ranging and fact-filled compendium of more than 60 influential women who have made a difference in the world, all with a connection to the Reading area is illustrated with a mix of photos and artistic styles. Includes a fish scientist, an air racer, inspirational sportswomen and one of Britain’s most notorious serial killers.

Christina Hart-Davies: The Whole Story

The Whole Story: Painting more than just the flowers, by Christina Hart-Davies
Client: Two Rivers Press (2020)

A beautiful retrospective overview of the work of award-winning botanical artist Christina Hart-Davies, this book tells the whole story – of plants and flowers and their habitats, associated organisms, and the plant life cycle from seedling to decay.

Bonjour, messieurs: Robinson & Inshaw

Bonjour Mr Inshaw. Poems by Peter Robinson. Paintings by David Inshaw (2020)
Client: Two Rivers Press, 2019

Bonjour Mr Inshaw is a homage by the award-winning poet Peter Robinson to David Inshaw, the celebrated painter, whom he first met during the artist’s years as Creative Arts Fellow at Trinity College, Cambridge, in the mid-1970s.

Robinson’s poems combine memories of Inshaw’s paintings, or characteristic landscapes, with experiences of his company and conversation, presented in an en face format.

Peter Hay: Eclectic, curious, visionary

The Art of Peter Hay, by John Froy with Martin Andrews (2020)
Client: Two Rivers Press, 2020

Peter Hay (1951–2003) was a visionary artist whose work has a poetic and mystical quality. A fine draughtsman, watercolorist and inventive printmaker, he was at heart a figurative artist. He had a strong sense of place; the junction of the rivers Thames and Kennet close to his Reading home was a frequent symbolic theme in his work, which moves into abstraction through striking use of black and white and a rich use of colour.

This book brings together, for the first time, the range of this prolific artist’s work.