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Reading Detectives

Reading Detectives coverAlthough my subsequent career has taken me in another direction, early on my focus was on book design for children. Ever since I got involved with Two Rivers, I wanted to publish a book for children with the press. Imagine my delight when we were approached by history teacher Kerry Renshaw whose fond memories of the I-Spy series inspired him to write his own version to help children uncover the hidden history to be found on the streets of Reading.

Now imagine my disappointment when things went a little crazy for me and I had to delegate to another designer, although I still managed to fit in the cover design.

I also designed a certificate given out to children who completed one of the walking trails in the book on the day of its launch at the Museum of Reading. The launch, incidentally, was a little crazy in its own right in that the books arrived from the printers literally minutes before the kids trooped in.

We went to the wire, but I went back to my roots, and the book did well in sales. Happy end.